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Любовь Леонтьева (Intermediate)
The holiday trip I will never forget (эссе, 2010)

Любовь Леонтьева (Intermediate) The holiday trip I will never forget

Goa is the best place which I have ever seen. A year passed, but I still can`t forget our journey in December 2009. I travelled with my boyfriend and a couple of friends.

Our travel started smoothly: check in was quick, we got good seats on the plane, very friendly people met us in Goa airport. They drove us quickly to our hotel without any problems.

When we checked in at the hotel, I asked for a room on the same floor with my friends, but the receptionist didn`t understand me, and gave me the keys from a huge apartment with three bedrooms, a living room and two bathrooms. We were lucky!

At last, we went to meet with the Indian Ocean. When we saw the Ocean, its waves, washing away the sand on the shore, and crabs, running away from waves, my friends and I squealed with delight! The Ocean turned out to be very warm, pure and incredibly charming. The next piece of delight was food. I can say with confidence that I`ve never eaten such delicious meals. Grilled shark, tuna, seafood exceeded all my expectations. For the first time in my live I was getting the greatest pleasure from meals.

Любовь Леонтьева (Intermediate) The holiday trip I will never forget

Of course, it was impossible to leave Goa beaches, which have lots of local peculiarities. We saw all hidden beauty of nature and beaches thanks to Sid. Sid is a Hindu who works as a cabman, and whom we met, when we were driving along the beach.

Sid showed us Arambol Beach. Arambol is amazing - an indented coastline with high and small rocks, wild animals roaming between rocks, snow-white beaches... There is a lake, which is saturated from the ocean, with very warm temperature +45?C and it very pure. The strangest feature of this lake is insipid water a miracle indeed!

The divine place in Goa is Pallolem Beach. Pallolem is so beautiful that when you see this place, you think that this is Paradise on the Earth.

The beach is located in a small bay on the water level visible islands, peaceful Ocean, relaxing sounds of water, loungers under coconut trees and coconuts with tubes - these things create an impression that you are really in Paradise or in a fairy tale. Sunsets in Goa are magical, especially in Pallolem.

Любовь Леонтьева (Intermediate) The holiday trip I will never forget

When the sun begins to go down, it reaches the water level, and then sinks in the ocean. The sun has different shades of colour from bright pink to purple. In the end, the sun turns out between the islands and disappears. The Hindus have a traditional “farewell to sun” ceremony. The sunset and Hindus, who stand in the ocean and se off sun, give you comfort, make you enjoy the beauty of nature and touch your heart.

The National park created an indelible impression on me! It is called Dudhsagar and located in the tropical forest. The trip goes through the jungle, so you can see real wildlife. At the entrance of the park we were surrounded by monkeys. They are such funny and wise creatures! When I put nuts in my palm a monkey came up to me, straightened every finger and took every nut! It’s great when a little animal like a person takes from your hand nuts!

Любовь Леонтьева (Intermediate) The holiday trip I will never forget

We experienced very interesting things, saw many beautiful places, but still, India has remained for us a closed book… Now for me and for my friends India is Paradise on the Earth, and some day I`ll come back to India.

When I arrived home, I cried!

I remember all – the beauty of nature, funny animals, real friendly open-minded Hindus.

I love India!

I love Goa!

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