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Алексей Уланов (Upper-Intermediate)

The first cal (Short story, 2011)

Previous night I hadn't slept. I was thinking about the next day, my girlfriend and about money. I didn’t know that the following day would become my first day as a doctor for an ambulance.

Earlier I had been working as a doctor’s assistant of for an ambulance for about 3 months.

My doctor had been ill since last weekend. When I came to work I was informed that I would have to work instead of the doctor in our brigade. I couldn’t describe my feelings. I seemed to be in a hopeless condition after 6 years at Medical University, 1 year as a registrar and thousands night duties.

Suddenly an overwhelming loud voice cried «1248! Hurry up! » Somebody gave me a piece of paper. I saw words: an attempt of suicide. A Woman 22 years old.

I didn't read much, whole I understood that I had to hasten to help.

We got into the car and rushed.

My crew consisted of Elena and me. Elena is a nurse. She had a day off but she came to help me.

We went at full speed through the night city. There were no traffic jams on the road. I had butterflies in my stomach. My head was full of disordered ideas about how to help a girl.

What drugs will be needed? What's the matter with her? What happened? I didn’t know, because in the list there wasn’t any information about what she had done to herself. I tried to concentrate on one idea. I tried to make sure that it would be all right. Our driver refused to utter a word. Elena smoked 2 cigarettes on the trot. She was deep in thought.

Unexpectedly she asked in a low calm voice: «Do you think we will rescue her? » I was in thought. Not how. Not why. I wanted to reply: It depends…But I didn't have the time to answer.

We arrived at the five-storeyed block of flats on the outskirts of the town. There was a dark muddy entrance, second floor, opened door. A red-haired freckled daughter welcomed us. The girl was dressed in a red cotton sundress. She smiled in a strange way. We didn’t get it. I entered the room and saw a husband sitting on the bed. He was wipinghis eyes and mumbled.

I came closer and saw his wife a 22 year-old woman muttering something.

I made out only a weak female voice: I love you, I love you. Blanket was covered with blood. The only time I nosed salt smell...

After there were 40 terrible minutes of struggle for her life.

One year passed since then. I was walking in the garden and saw the red-haired freckled girl pushing perambulator. Behind her went a husband and his wife talking in a low voice. It was a happy family.

P.S. If we had arrived later she would have died. We are all in God's hands...

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