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Татьяна Урюпина (Intermediate)

An Unusual Story (Short story, 2011)

I want to tell you an unusual story that has recently happened to me.

I have a good pen pal. We met with him on one of social networks and have communicated for more than six months. But we have never seen each other because he lives in Ukraine; we only talked on the phone just a couple of times.

The other day I received a call from my friend. She said on Saturday she had met with two young people and offered to go for a walk with them. Frankly speaking, I did not want to go anywhere, but my friend promised me an interesting evening... so I agreed. Without thinking of dressing up, I put on jeans and a blouse. But before leaving home I went to open my favorite site and saw a message from my pen-friend who I talked about at the beginning of this story: "You were in my dream when I was sleeping."

I replied: "Really? And what was I doing there in your dream?" ...But I saw the time was already running out and without waiting for his answer, switched off my computer and went out.

The evening went well: Dima and Lesha were nice young people. We spent the whole evening walking through the streets, joking and telling stories – sometimes very funny stories. When we were sitting in a park, the boys borrowed a guitar from a group of people sitting not far away and sang a few songs.

I guess all I’ve described wasn’t unusual or surprising. Surprise, or better to say, astonishment came later. I remember it clearly that I came home late at night, had a cup of tea and went to surf the Internet. As a matter of fact, I was waiting for an answer in the mail from my Ukranian friend Alex (by the way, the namesake of the guy who I met that night).

I found his response, read it – and now I was astonished. Here is his message: "I had a dream that we'd met. You were wearing something purple (in the evening I was wearing a purple blouse). We sat at the railway station. (we were really sitting in a small park near the station with those young people). There were my friends and your friends. Then it got dark, I went to accompany you. And when we were walking, a big shower began. (When the guys saw us off it started to rain). I gave you my jacket and kissed your cheek." (The guy actually gave me his jacket).

What a strange coincidence! Of course, I didn’t tell my pen-friend about the walk with the guys. And especially, I didn’t say what I’d put on...

How would you account for it? Personally, I have no reasonable explanation: it’s one of the strangest stories that have ever happened to me.

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