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Татьяна Молошник (Intermediate)

My first trip abroad (Short story, 2011)

When a person has something for the first time in his life – it leaves the brightest impressions and is remembered for a long time. So, I will never forget my first trip abroad.

In 2005 my friend and I travelled to Thailand. At first we went by train to Moscow from Samara and then from Moscow's airport "Domodedovo" to Bangkok (the capital of Thailand) we went by plane. That journey from Samara to Bangkok was smooth and relatively quiet and everything was according to schedule.

When we arrived at the airport in Bangkok, we were met by friendly Thai guides, who accompanied the tourists to hotels. When we arrived at the hotel in the center of Bangkok, I was horrified: "Where have we come and why?!" Thick gray smog was hanging above the town, there were crowds of people, cars, motorcycles around and acrid smell of rotting seafood and opened sewerages. At that moment in my mind there was only one thought: "And we have gone through the agonizing journey here to enjoy it all?"

Next morning after a refreshing sleep, we decided to accept the conditions typical for most Asian countries. After two days in Bangkok, we went to the resort destination - Pattaya, where we spent the rest of our holiday. On the way from Bangkok to Pattaya we went on a Safari tour, where we were driven by bus through the park with wild animals and birds. Out of the bus window we could see giraffes, zebras, deer, rhinos, tigers, lions and also herons, flamingos, peacocks and other creatures, living in their natural habitat. We were greatly impressed by this sight and our initial negative emotions gradually began to disappear.

In Pattaya we were greeted by a comfortable hotel and a more relaxed lifestyle than in the capital. Here we quickly felt at home and then didn't want to leave this place very much. In Pattaya we visited a lot of excursions, such as Snake Show, The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm. But I was especially impressed by the Orchid Park. I had never seen before such large number of beautiful flowers, flowerbeds and greenery, cut into various geometric shapes and figures of animals, disposed on the enormous territory. We went to an island, where the warm South China Sea and white, fine as flour sand were waiting for us. We were delighted with meals of seafood: crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and mussels – it was delicious! We also ate a lot of exotic fruit we hadn’t ever heard of before. Now I can say that Thailand is the most exotic place ever!

On the way back we arrived at Bangkok’s airport on time and it seemed that everything would be ok. To get to Samara from Thailand we had at first to get to Domodedovo from Bangkok and than to Samara by another plane. We had bought all the tickets for our connecting flights in advance in Samara. So, we knew that the plane to Samara had to take off 2 hours after the plane from Bangkok had landed in Moscow. But we had waited for our flight to Moscow too long before the plane took off. We were 2 hours behind the schedule. So we were very nervous all the way. We were sure we were going to miss our flight to Samara.

When we landed in Domodedovo we decided to act quickly. Our plane to Samara was going to take off in 40 minutes. My friend stayed to wait for our luggage near the baggage reclaim, but I, holding our passports and tickets in my hands, ran very fast through the terminal to the check-in desk of Samara's flight. There was a handsome young man, who told me that he couldn't give me our boarding cards without the luggage check. Then I had to use all my charm to explain to him that the plane from Bangkok had been delayed. I asked him very politely to make an exception for us. Then he couldn't refuse me. He gave me the boarding cards and waited for our luggage till the check-in of Samara’s flight had finished. Then I ran back to my friend. Fortunately, by that moment she had already got our luggage and was running towards to me. Then the young man checked-in our luggage and we rushed to the departure gate. When we took our seats in Samara’s plane we were exhausted but at that moment we were the happiest people in the world. We’d caught our flight!!!

So, my first trip was full of adventures both abroad and in Russia.

Years have passed and now I realize that such experience is unforgettable, very interesting and necessary for me!

Татьяна Молошник (Intermediate)Татьяна Молошник (Intermediate)Татьяна Молошник (Intermediate)Татьяна Молошник (Intermediate)Татьяна Молошник (Intermediate)Татьяна Молошник (Intermediate)

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