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Ольга Литвинова (FCE)
The holiday trip I will never forget (эссе, 2010)

Ольга Литвинова  (FCE) The holiday trip I will never forget

When I was a fifth-year student I had an opportunity go to Germany with other five students for two months. We lived in a small town, Bochum. And we had a chance to travel a lot. We visited many towns, such as Dusseldorf, Essen, Cologne, Amsterdam. I think the best place I visited is Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. It is such a beautiful and interesting city!

Besides going to Munich, we needed to plan our trip very carefully as we decided not to address a tour agency, because we could choose any itinerary we wanted. We made a list of sights which were worth seeing. Among these remarkable places the main destination of our trip was Neuschweinstein castle .

Firstly, we needed to find out how we could get there. When it was done we bought tickets and booked a room in a hostel. We were expected to have a long journey by train but not just by one train, we had to change the train three times! When we finally came to Munich we were very tired but at the same time we were looking forward to a fairy tale. As it turned out our expectation were reasonable. Not without some difficulty we found the hostel. It was quite cosy, moreover, there was an underground station not so far.

Ольга Литвинова  (FCE) The holiday trip I will never forget

The same evening we went around Munich by bus. It seemed to me that the town looked especially attractive at night with these street lamps, glittering store-fronts and lighted monuments and buildings. On the next day we visited Marien Square, which is not so big but spectacular! I felt I found myself in a fairy-tale and it reminded me an extract from the book which I read in my childhood. There is a tower with a clock under which there are painted statuettes, and every day at 11 a.m. they start dancing. It is such an amazing sight!

Our next destination was Neuschweinstein castle, a visiting card of Bavaria which is located in the Alps. I had always dreamed to visit a castle. For me there is something magical in castles and they have always attracted me by their mystique and magnificence. I was very glad to have a chance to see it in reality. There is a serpentine road on which you drive to the castle in the carriage with horses. The view is fabulous with snow-covered tops of the Alps and slight fog. The castle strikes with its splendour and tremendous size. From afar it looks like a theatrical scenery. The inside of the castle is decorated with numerous wall canvas, which illustrate different scenes from Vagner's operas and ancient German legends. It seemed that I could walk around the castle for ever. In the basement of the castle there are gift shops where you can not only buy presents, but also drink a cup of hot tasty coffee and eat a chocolate cake. This place is really worth visiting and no matter how long and vivid it could be described, it is better to see it with your own eyes. I hope to come back there one day.

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