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Курушина Мила (Intermediate)
The holiday trip I will never forget (эссе, 2010)

Курушина Мила (Intermediate) The holiday trip I will never forget

Volgograd. Laughter through tears.

Everyone knows the feeling, when you want to change something, to go somewhere . And when an opportunity comes, we shall use it in full.

So, such good luck has fallen down on me and my collective «Fifth love» in March,2010.

- Hello, do you want to visit our festival in Volgograd?

- Certainly, YES!!

A week later we were with a huge suitcase, full of costumes and props at the station. With sinking hearts we were waiting for our train will be announced.

After several hours on the way we were already in Volgograd! It was an early morning. We went to a hotel. The city amazed us with its cleanliness and hospitality. The most interesting was that, when we left Samara, it was snowing and freezing. Volgograd met us with a real spring: the bright sun and blossoming trees.

Our hotel "Tourist" was on the bank of the Volga, next to the monument to Rodina-Mat`.

On the first day we decided to explore the city and the first we went, was Mamaev Kurgan. This is a huge hill, on top of which stands an enormous monument - Rodina-Mat`, almost 90 meters high. This woman rushes forward, in the right hand she holds a sword, and left urges to follow her.

Курушина Мила (Intermediate) The holiday trip I will never forget

After with each step heart faded more and more. The greatness of the monument, the atmosphere created by the music and the Levitan`s voice. Inside everything flipped. Each monument had a huge list of soldiers, officers and generals, who were lost in the battle. Upstairs there was a strong wind. There were tears in our eyes. And the wind was not the only reason.

Downstairs, in the city, inside we had a sense of pride for the country and sorrow for the pain experienced by people of our country.

This city is impregnated by the memory of the Great Patriotic War.

Then we went to the Philharmonic society to the rehearsal of our program.

None of us could imagine the response of the Volgograd viewers.

The applause, which fell upon us, we didn't hear in our university in our home city. When we acted, we were not thinking about the victory in the festival. An the main thing was unrestrained laughter from the audience.

On the next day we continued our sightseeing tour.

The schedule was intense. The planetarium, the underground, in which tickets were punched by th punch, walks in the center. What a pleasure it was to walk along the promenade, to sing in a loud voice, fooling around, laughing, running and jumping.

Our days in Volgograd flew by. . And the time came for the long-awaited gala-concert. Imagine our surprise when the name of our collective has pronounced after the award to the Winner

- The winner of the international festival of student's theaters isSTEM «Fifth love»

And then came our turn to shout for joy.

We had no desire to leave. With tears in our eyes we were standing on the platform together with our new friends.

All these emotions, smiles, laughter are still in my memory. Volgograd for me is a city of contrasts. Laughter and tears, happiness and grief

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